Anna Maguire | IMDB


MINIATURES (In Development) – Feature Film 

A mother, Jeanne and daughter, Lucy try to navigate their estrangement from one another after Jeanne attempts suicide. 


IT'S NOTHING (Post Production, Spring 2019) – Short Film

What appears to be a relationship between best friends goes beyond what is normal, in this personal and metaphorical exploration of the mental and physical illness that is Anorexia Nervosa.

  • Production grant from the Canadian Arts Council and Ontario Arts Council


CONSTELLATIONS (September 2018) – Short Fiction Film

As a young woman realises her sexual needs have grown beyond her relationship with her boyfriend, a chance encounter allows her to take control of her fantasies.

  • Winner Best Screenwriter at Underwire Film Festival 2018, Winner Cinematic Achievement Award at Thessaloniki International Short Film Festival 2018, Nominated best Actress at Underwire Film Festival 2018


THE SISTERS TOLCHINKI – (August 2017) – Short Documentary Film

What does it mean to have lived a remarkable life? Four sisters between the ages of 86 and 101 explore all the things that made them who they are today.

  • Winner Viola M Marshall Audience Choice Award at Rhode Island International Film Festival  2017, Runner up Audience Choice Award British Short Film Festival in Berlin 2018


YOUR MOTHER AND I (September 2016) – Short Fiction Film based on the short story by Dave Eggers

Johnna's dad talks too much, and Johnna herself lives inside her head. 'Your Mother and I' looks at the small moments that belie the larger tensions between families and generations, whilst Johnna's dad recounts all the ways he and his wife changed the world. Or so he says.

  • Premiered at TIFF, Nominated Best Short Film Award at The BFI London Film Festival 2016, Winner Best British Short at The London Short Film Festival 2017, Nominated Best Female Director at The London Short Film Festival 2017.


SHE WOULD MOVE THE TREE RATHER MORE TO THE MIDDLE (March 2015) – Short Fiction Film based on an original letter.

Having tried so hard to be close to the one she loves, Giulia has become him. To return to herself she has to take him off, literally. Commissioned by the Milan Festival of Letters and London Short Film Festival. 

  • Winner Best Director 18-25 at The BFI Future Film Festival 2016.


THE KING AND QUEEN OF HALLOWEEN (March 2014) – Short Fiction Film

Halloween is a magical time for everyone, old and young alike. But when two teenage boys destroy a strange older man's meticulous pumpkin display, he decides to play the long game and get his revenge, in the most seasonal way imaginable.

  • Winner Best Short Film Rhode Island International Film Festival 2014, Nominated Best Director Under 25 at the Underwire Film Festival 2014, Nominated Best Sci-fi/Horror Short and Best Female Director at The London Short Film Festival 2015.