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THE RAGING QUIET (in development) - Gingerbread Pictures - Feature film

A young woman in the 1600s discovers that a man thought to be possessed by the Devil and mad is in fact deaf. In creating a rudimentary sign language with him, she defies both her husband and their intensely religious community.

·   Currently in development with the BFI. 


THE WYRD (2016) - Zoya Films / LipSync / Aimimage - Short

A woman in 7th century pagan England grapples with the new Christian faith.


WIG (2016) - Listeners Project - Short

A 24 hour filmmaking project with the Listeners Project, set in a mannequin factory. 


AT FIRST SIGHT (2015) - Ideas Tap / Royal Philharmonic Society - Short

A newly married couple open their wedding gifts but the arrival of an unexpected gift soon causes friction.