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Agent: Hannah Boulton, The Agency

THE SURROGATES CLUB (2018) - Slackwire Films/BBC - TV documentary
Following three altruistic surrogate mothers at different stages of their pregnancy.

BELITTLED - Slackwire Films - Short
Fantasy/fable about a refugee who discovers she's trapped in a world she doesn't recognise.
Currently in development with Directors UK and the ALEXA Challenge.  

SCRAMBLER (in development) - Slackwire Films - Feature 
Thriller about a teenage fairground showman who has to solve the murder of her little sister.
Currently in development.  

HOLLYOAKS (2016-18) x 30 episodes - Lime Pictures/Channel 4 - TV series
In the Chester village of Hollyoaks anything can - and frequently does - happen.

LIFE, DEATH & CHEERLEADING (2016) - Slackwire Films/BBC - TV documentary
The inspirational cheerleading grandmothers of Arizona who refuse to act their age.
·   AFI Docs, Underwire Festival (nominee XX Award), BBC, PBS

THE FORGOTTEN GIRLS OF DHAKA (2015) - BBC - TV documentary
An ob doc following a group of teenage girls in Banglaesh who were married, then abandoned by their husbands before they reached the age of 16.
·   BBC, PBS

RUBY'S SKIN (2014) - Slackwire Films/Sundance London/Langham - Short
London 1865. Ruby discovers a dark secret about herself that her inventor father Derby has been keeping quiet for her entire life.
·   Funded by The Langham/Sundance London