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DEAD BEAUTIFUL in development with BAFTA winner Peter Nicholson Films (Feature film)


EXPOSURE 1 x 8 minute drama for Beak Films exploring the impact of dementia

·   One Reeler Short Film Competition – best actress award & award of excellence


MATCH 1 x 6 minute drama for Beak Films using innovative green screen and VFX

·   Nominee best edit Southampton International FF

·   Nominee best score/supporting actor Portsmouth International FF


WARRIOR WINGS 1x12 minute short drama for Beak Films

Period, fantasy drama short shot by BAFTA winning cinematographer featuring the role of pigeons on the frontline of WW1, including CGI & drone shots.  

·   Rising Star Award Canada International FF

·   Honourable mention behind Oscar winner Stutterer Kino Manchester International FF

·   Selected by: Veterans FF, Green Bay FF, Maryland FF, GI FF, UK Veterans FF


A NIGHT FOR HEROES, 1 x 90 mins for ITV, TwoFour

Hugely popular and prestigious Military Awards show.

GOT THIN, GOT FAT, 1 x 60 mins for FIVE, IWC Media

featuring contributors including Josie Gibson talking honestly about yoyo dieting.

ANIMAL MATERNITY HOSPITAL, 6 x 60 mins for Five IWC Media

Stories about amazing baby animals on this primetime popular documentary series

P/D CEO GURU Series 1, 6 x 4 mins for BBC World/News Online

Top business people talking about the demands of the job including entrepreneur Brent Hoberman of lastminute.com

ANIMAL FRONTLINE, 22 x 1 hour for BBC1, True North

Compelling stories of RSPCA officers working their way through their daily caseload

THE TRUTH ABOUT HILLSBOROUGH, 1 x 60 mins for Five, ITN Factual

Moving stories involving victim’s families & lawyers involved in one of the biggest police cover ups in recent history.


Frontline police officers tell their moving & at times harrowing stories from The Riots.    

MURDER SQUAD, 9 x 30 mins for ITV, Shine Television

Embedded with murder detectives for a year on this high profile crime series.

‘DOES SNUFF EXIST?’ 1 x 60 mins for Channel Four, Lion Television  

Deconstructing the most enduring urban-myth for this constructed doc.

THE BOY WITH A TUMOUR FOR A FACE, 1x 60 mins for Five/Discovery, 3BMTV

Incredibly moving observational film about a young boy receiving treatment for the biggest facial tumours on medical


·   Best science programme nomination at the Indie Awards.  

THE SEARCH FOR ADAM'S KILLERS, 1 x 60 mins for Channel Four, 3BMTV

The follow up to the Torso story which included directing crew in Nigeria.

THE TORSO IN THE THAMES, 1x 60 mins for Channel Four, 3BMTV

Embedded with detectives for 2 years investigating the first ritual murder in the UK.  Up against juju, black magic potions & trafficking; they used pioneering science to try to identify the boy & where he came from.  

·   Best science programme nomination, Indie Awards.