Kirsty Robinson-Ward | IMDB

TOGE+HER - YouTube Channel

To be launched in the New Year, the channel looks at mental health among young women and strives to bring comfort, entertainment and connection.


DOCTORS (three more episodes to be shot in 2019) - BBC - TV series

The daily lives of staff and their patients at a Birmingham medical practice.


HABIBI (in development) - St Catherine Productions - Feature Film

Currently in development with St Catherine Productions.


DOCTORS 'THE RABBIT HOLE' (2019) - BBC - TV series

The daily lives of staff and their patients at a Birmingham medical practice.


WARS OF THE ROSES: THE BATTLE OF BARNET (2018) - Barnet Museum - Short Documentary

In 1471 one of the most decisive and bloody battles took place during the Wars of the Roses, in Barnet.


BEING MAMMA (2018)- Short film

A mockumentary which follows new mum Alice through the many challenges of parenthood.


FROLIC (2018) - Short film (written by Laura Evelyn)

Girl is in love with Boy, and Boy is in love with Girl. Nothing will stand in the way of this love... well, almost nothing.

·   Shortlisted for Chorts Film Festival 


RETURNING TO AFGHANISTAN (2018) - Sprognut Pictures - Short Documentary

After ten years of residing in the UK, Gulwali Passarlay is still fighting for UK citizenship with the threat of deportation looming.


VULTURES (2017) - Squint VFX - Online mini-series

Comedy set in an eccentric household of actors.

·   Won Best Web Series at the St Tropez Film Festival


CANNED (2017) - Hat Trick Productions - Short film

Dark comedy starring BAFTA-winner Georgina Campbell, BAFTA Breakthrough Brit Paapa Essiedu, Samantha Bond, Sophia Di Martino and Harriet Webb

·   Nominated for Best Production Design at Underwire Film Festival, screened at Rhode Island Film Festival, London Independent Film Festival and Women in Comedy Festival.


ALBERT (2016) - KRR Productions - Short film

Another relationship over. Albert was meant to be one of the good ones. But clearly all isn't as it seemed...


ROOMIES (2016) - KRR Productions - Short film

A dark comedy. How far will Mel go to silence her really annoying flatmate?


TEA + CAKE (2015) - KRR Productions - Feature film

A micro-budget comedy drama which follows the relationships of four generations of women living in a small town, trying to make sense of this life business.

·   Available to buy on Amazon, won the Audience Award at SENE Film Festival, won Award of Recognition and Best Female Filmmaker at Indiefest, won Best Feature at Green Bay Film Festival and won Best Narrative Film at Geneva Film Festival.


CHIP (2013) - KRR Productions - Short film

Comedy starring Simon Williams. The beginnings of a beautiful blossoming relationship which began with a chip.

·   Virgin Media Shorts film