Louise C Galizia

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DUENDE (2012) - Beyond Films - Short film / experimental
The film's aim is to present this abstract notion through a young girl who encapsulates an emotional ride in a brief moment. the shift from animal outpouring to the glimmer of joy/hysteria outlines the powerful quality of this term.
· Runner up - best Sound - Vans d'Ors awards 2012

PARDON THE INTRUSION (2015) - Cue Pictures - Short film
The story of a housebound woman who forms an important relationship with a troubled teenage runaway.
Winner of the Best Short Live action Film: Cleveland International Short film festival, Charleston International Film Festival 2015, New York No Limits Film Festival, Beaufort International Film Festival.
Winner of Women in Film : Cleveland International film festival.

SNUG AS A BUG (2017) - Cue Pictures - Short film comedy
a pungent comic short with bodies, bowels and bin-bags.

Winner: Platinum Award at Independent shorts awards 2018, Honorable Mention one-reeler 2018, Best cinematography Female Feedback film festival 2018.


BLOODY TOURISTS (2018) - Cue Pictures - Short film Horror
A couple photograph the beauty of the countryside as they drive. A man runs through it in fear of his life. A fleeting connection between them asks questions of the couple’s motives for being there. 


LOOKING UP (2018) - Cue Pictures - Short film Drama
Aim for the stars, however far away they seem. It’s all about perspective.


DUPLICITY (2018) - Cue Pictures - Short film Thriller

An agent, carrying out a mission within the English countryside, is attacked by his exact duplicate, and awakes to find that he has already taken his place.


MADMAN'S MANUSCRIPT (2018) - Cue Pictures - Short film Thriller

Loose adaptation of the 'Madman's Manuscript' in the 'Pickwick Papers' by Charles Dickens


LADY OF SHALLOT (2018) - Cue Pictures - Short film Drama

Inspired from the tale of 'The lady of shallot'


BETWEEN (2018) - Cue Pictures - Short film horror

And Eary short filmed in the countryside of Kent

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS SHINE (in development) - Cue Pictures - feature film
A black comedy with white icing, brown trousers and bloody gardening tools

SHELTER (in Development) - Cue Pictures - feature film
‘Shelter’ is a story about a young foster child named Pete, and how he comes upon a world, hidden from the bustling streets of London, deep underground.