Nour Wazzi  | IMDB

THE BREAK II (2017) - BBC - Short film series

Directed the comedy ‘SCOTCH BONNET’ starring Leonie Elliott, and the drama/thriller ’THE PACKAGE’ starring James Floyd.

·   Aired in February 2017, available on BBC3

·   Led to Nour being named a future star on BBC’s talent hotlist, 2017 


BABY MINE (2016) - Panacea Productions, Finished Films, Flat Cap Films - Short Thriller

When a Middle Eastern man kidnaps a young girl, his true motivations gradually come to light. Starring Alexander Siddig (‘Kingdom of Heaven’).

·   Funded by the Doha Film Institute

·   Entering the festival circuit in 2017

·   Currently being developed into the feature ‘Don’t Tell A Soul’ with the Doha Film Institute 

·   'Best Director’, ‘Best Cinematography’ and ‘Best Editing’ award nominations at the BAFTA qualifying Underwire festival 

·   ‘Best Film’ nomination at the BAFTA qualifying Aesthetica short film festival 


THE COMPANY’S MAN (2014) - Panacea Productions, Smith & Werber productions - Short Sci-Fi

Set in a post-apocalyptic future, a boy discovers something isn’t quite right about himself. Made for the Sci-Fi 48hr Film Challenge. 


UP ON THE ROOF (2013) - Panacea Productions & Tag Productions - Short drama

A bittersweet tale of love and innocence lost. Starring Maisie Williams (‘Game of Thrones’), Michael Matias (‘The Bodyguard’ West End) and Earl Cameron (‘The Interpreter’).  

·   Funded by Film London's Best of Boroughs scheme

·   Premiered at BFI London Film Festival

·   Award-winning and selected at over 30 fests incl. Palm Springs, Seattle, Brooklyn, St Louis

·   Named a favourite short of 2016 by Film Shortage  

·   Sold for VOD, TV and airline distribution. Also available at the BFI national archive 


SHACKLED (2012) - Panacea Productions & Traveller Films - Short psychological thriller

Set in a 1950s circus, a fortune-teller’s escape plan begins to crumble as she starts to doubt her reality. Starring Emilia Clarke (‘Game of Thrones’). Proof of concept for the feature ‘The Foretelling’.

·   Award-winning and selected at festivals incl. London Short Film Festival, Aesthetica, Short Shorts

·   Sold for VOD and TV distribution 


HABIBTI (2010) - Panacea Productions & Inspiration Films - Short drama/ comedy

A conservative Muslim mother butts heads with her daughter’s black boyfriend. Starring Hiam Abbass (‘The Visitor’), Jimmy Akingbola (‘Arrow’), Yasmine Al Massri (‘Quantico’).

·   Funded by Film London's Best of Boroughs scheme

·   Award-winning and selected at over 40 fests incl. Dubai, Seminci Valladolid, Helsinki, Heartland

·   Screened on BBC in 2012 

·   Sold for VOD, TV and airline distribution