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We are an inclusive organisation committed to uplifting and amplifying the voices of all female directors.


Our goal is to share our experience and resources with each other in order to create more films by and about women. We run monthly masterclasses, surgeries, a writers group, a TV creators group and we support each other’s releases.

Cinesisters’ work has been featured in screenings and panel discussions at numerous international film festivals including: Queen’s Film Theatre, Northern Ireland; Aesthetica Film Fest; Berlin Film Fest; Genesis Cinema; London Short Film Fest and Raindance Film Fest 2023.

In order to join CINESISTERS you need to be a female identifying director who has either made a feature film, has a broadcast TV credit, or has made at least 3 short films and is attached to direct TV or a feature film that is either in funded development or a completed first draft. If you qualify please email us on Please note the collective is run by volunteers who are also working directors so please bear with us if we are slower than usual to respond, we could be on set :)

For work enquiries, please contact directors directly via their personal pages.


For any other enquiries, please email us here

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